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Dispensaries & Hydroponic Stores
(Brick and Mortar & Online)

As a cannabis consulting firm our primary objective is ensure that the people that need medicinal cannabis products are able to access them in an efficient manner.  And while we do not operate any sort of dispensary ourselves we have many years of experience and are well connected with access to product producers and the knowledge to assist in the development of a successful dispensary that will work to stay within the self governing guidelines of the Canadian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries.

To view a copy of their standards and practices click here

Wholesaler program

Our main focus is keeping you and your customers legal while opening up a new revenue stream with yearly residual income for your business.  We have had a lot of success with our wholesale program working with many different types of cannabis companies across Canada.  We can show you how simple, easy and fast it is to legitimize your customers and in turn legitimize your business.  Our doctors work around the clock, 6 days a week.  They are compassionate and understand the benefits of juicing and other non-traditional consumption methods.  After the initial forms are filled out we can have an appointment scheduled within 24 hours.

We offer a highly attractive compensation package to retailers who are a part of our wholesaler program and we work for you, meaning potential patients go through you to use our services which gives you the benefit and flexibility to set your own rates depending on: the customer, prescription size, market value, ect.

Hydroponic Stores:

Once a patient is licensed some of them will want to grow, we are happy to send and go through the necessary forms with them free of charge.  We have had quite a few hydroponic wholesalers that package a complete grow set up along with the medical consulting services, people love having a one stop shop.  Again we have patients all across the country who are looking for start up sets and in many cases extensive consulting packages, we would love to send them to you.

Consulting Services

As a cannabis consulting firm we provide the following services to new and established dispensaries:

  • Business plan development including SWOT analysis, viability assessments, and risk analysis.
  • Market assessment including speaking with local law enforcement and city officials  as well as potential location analysis.
  • Product acquisition through our relationship with the two largest medicinal cannabis product wholesalers in the country
  • White label access to our team of medical professionals
  • Identity card creation
  • Vending machine acquisition, set-up and delivery
  • Security Assessments

We also can assist with website design, search engine optimization and social media marketing to open up new clientele for your business.

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